About the author

Welcome to my blog! Here you can find a wide range of posts including blogging and organizing tips, my writing projects, and my personal life. In the future, you’ll be able to find some passive income tips as well.

Short introduction

My name is Gabe. I’m 22 years old blogger and freelance writer from Finland. I use he/him and they/them pronouns.  You can also find me on Twitter and Instagram.

Blogging and writing career

I first started blogging in 2012 and been writing on and off since then. After a while, I switched from writing in Finnish to writing in English. The main reasons for the change were mainly to reach a bigger audience and make my blog accessible for my new friends around the world. After all these years English feels more natural to me and I’m happy I made the change. I forgot my blog for a while. When I finally got back to it I finally migrated from Blogger to WordPress. I’ve since then moved from WordPress.com to WordPress.org as I wanted to take my writing more seriously. I’m starting a freelance career to so that I can support myself doing what I love.

When it comes to writing I write short stories and poems alongside my blog. I’ve planned some stories I hope to bring to life in the near future.

Blogging goals:

  • develop as a blogger and freelance writer
  • write more stories and poems
  • launch a freelance writing business

Interests and goals in life

My interest includes all kinds of tv shows and movies, video games comics, board, and tabletop games, books among many other things.

And I love music of course. My favorite bands are Bastille, Green Day, Fall Out Boy, Panic! at the Disco, Imagine Dragons, Ninja Sex Party, and Starbomb. Going to concerts and music festivals is one of my favorite things.

Traveling is a big part of my life as well. Whenever I have the money I travel somewhere. So far I’ve been to Greece, Turkey, Germany, Denmark, and Sweden.

Some of my biggest dreams are to travel the world, live abroad, and become an actor. All while maintaining my writing business and making art. Keeping myself busy is important to me.

You can read some of my best writing here.